How it all started

In the fall of 2009 I happened upon a small way to help with our communal efforts to save the planet, environmentally-speaking.

After years of lugging around my 6 pound laptop, I developed tennis elbow.  I now had a reason to look into the new, lighter, and more portable technology.

“We just can’t keep these on the shelf,” the 20-something salesman said as he observed me checking out the brand new netbooks.  In a stroke of minor marketing genius, the salesman cradled a 3 pound Lenovo netbook in the palm of his hand and said, “This one is the greenest”

Ah, Green, one of those great new marketing buzz words intended to make us feel good about buying another product, and it worked.  But what did it mean?  For a moment, I assumed “Green” meant that the computer somehow was more biodegradable in the landfill; in fact, it means that IBM, the company that makes the Lenovo, adheres to certain environmental standards in the making of the computer.

When the salesman also tried to sell me a synthetic case for my green computer I said “no, thanks.”  As I drove away I thought I’ll make my own “Green” netbook case out of recycled materials.  Then it occurred to me:  everyone needs a case or carrier for their laptops, net books, book-readers, and other devices that help keep us on task and in touch with each other.  So, the idea to “reincarnate” new bags out of vintage materials was born.

- Marylou DiPietro

Eco-Friendly, One-of-a-Kind Products: Exclusively from Reincarnations
The Gigabag iPad Case NetBook Sleeve AirSleeve eReader Tablet Sleeve Tote Bag
The Gigabag iPad Sleeve Net Sleeve Air Sleeve E-Reader Sleeve Tablet Sleeve Tote Bag