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Marylou DiPietro - Fiber Artist, Designer, Owner of Reincarnations

DiPietro's search for the perfect bag goes way back.

A poet and playwright, she was always searching for the perfect bag to lug her writer's accoutrements -- books, notebooks, pens, and eventually her electronic devices – around in.  In 1995, when she and her husband bought an 1858 farmhouse in the idyllic town of Harrisville, NH, DiPietro's artistic world expanded from the literary into the visual arts when she began making mosaics and various types of fiber art. So, when she had the idea to create bags out of vintage materials she was well-equipped for the challenge. 

Marylou DiPietro
Noi McEwan - Master Seamstress
Harrisville resident Noi (whose real name is Khun Wacharee Plattayothin McEwan) is a native of Thailand with Chinese heritage. She started sewing at about 10 years old, making costumes for her grandfather who ran a Chinese Opera company. While living in Bangkok, she ran a specialized sewing company called White Lace that made high-end wedding dresses with a lot of intricate, delicate crochet work on them. Noi McEwan
Eco-Friendly, One-of-a-Kind Products: Exclusively from Reincarnations
The Gigabag iPad Case NetBook Sleeve AirSleeve eReader Tablet Sleeve Tote Bag
The Gigabag iPad Sleeve Net Sleeve Air Sleeve E-Reader Sleeve Tablet Sleeve Tote Bag