Gigasleeves for iPad and iPad 2

As soon as the iPad made its debut we went back to our drawing board. Our new Gigasleeve looks, feels and acts just like a Net Book Gigasleeve, only slightly smaller.

Gigasleeves for the original iPad measure approximately 9” x 11”.  The brand new Gigasleeve for the iPad 2 measures approximately 8.5” x 11”.  (The outside dimensions of both iPads are the same but the iPad 2 is thinner.) The Gigasleeves fit either iPad like a glove!  Keeping them safe and cozy.

Be hip and Green and have the added benefit of protecting your iPad from theft by carrying it in a bag that doesn’t like look like your typical tablet case.

Gigasleeve for iPad
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The Gigabag iPad Case NetBook Sleeve AirSleeve eReader Tablet Sleeve Tote Bag
The Gigabag iPad Sleeve Net Sleeve Air Sleeve E-Reader Sleeve Tablet Sleeve Tote Bag